Some ideas and things to humour .

These are some things I’d like to see in Rust. Even little changes can flip and sandbox’s gameplay upside down, and around the corner.

  1. I’d like to see a thirst meter of some sort, if radiation is kept this would also have synergy with existing gameplay mechanics. (I.E. Drink a bottle of water you got from a zom,
    +300 rads and you’re meter will click at it’s on the hot bar or something, enough a newer player might freak out about) Maybe build a well in/out of your house, and the map(or a new map) could have natural springs, lakes, ect. But if you’re character gets dehydrated he’ll be slower, maybe puke, wasting some food. A bit harder to shoot, heavier breathing (Increase Sway). When stranded, thirst is a REAL issue, without food your body normally can survive for a month. but without water? You’d be lucky to hit day 5. I also think eating should be revamped. It’d be awesome for someone to be able to get fat for eating to much, but really slow at running and heavy breathing. But I think the time it takes to starve off should be curbed, it’s why most community servers have /starters with some food. Moderation is the key on this one, thirst should not be scaled to be super realistic. You shouldn’t need a drink every ten minutes. Fun over pure realism.

  2. For bloody sakes, new animations! No no, I kid, I’m sure there will be great ones when they get around to them. But I’d love to have a lean mechanic, and also the ability to hold your breath. BUT, only for a split second. Atleast if hit detection stays the same. I’d say to revamp the whole bullet to enemy. Obviously one’s in place with the bow because it has a arc, and is a object that has to hit something. The hitbox bug seems glaring with the bow though, so maybe that’s why they didn’t go that way. I’d just rather see some more skill to the point and click of the bolt action that dominates the pvp i’ve seen. Also this would make giving the bolt action and other weapons scopes. I’ve heard through the infamous rumormill that there will be a new map, or a extended map. Like four times as big? Which makes sense for the number of people per server max. I’m mainly a lone wolf, but one thing I did in DayZ was pair up with a sniper, or sniped. Which killed me with DayZ was the broken engine that will always be broke and glitchy because it’s made as a simulation. I do have some rubberbanding, but I have faith Garry and Facepunch will fix it, but i can’t say the same for DayZ. Not hating, it just seems like they slack. But with a proper bullet drop, and damage per distance drop this game would be pure heaven for me. It bothers me that I can’t hit something with a pistol that i absolutely should be able to because I’m 'too far away, the bullet vanishes at 40m". Shotguns are worthless unless you’re a bastard and switch to it once you befriend someone, but then still even a naked can take a point blank range. I want to make a epic 90 m shot with a acog and bullet drop on some guy chopping at wood. I want good players to kill me with a pistol with a shot to the face from too far away (Bullet drop fucks with aimbot) and throw my keyboard, but know it was fair and he was a lucky sob. I just think bullet drop would turn this from a deathmatch feel to more of a actual firefight, where you have to actively engage in the thinking process while shooting or die. I wouldn’t mind more sniper rifles, even super rare military 50 cal. that’d be heard t he whole map through. Just make it so it’s worthless if you arn’t crouched with it bi-poded or prone with bi-pod.

2a. I’m Pro for more guns in rust. I want a lot more weapons period, more hand to hand weapons, explosives. Both military issue and jimmy-rigged. There’s no reason to take out all military guns when the admins can mod them out. There can never be enough sand in the sandbox, as long as it’s optional.

2b. Make it to limit how many weapons you can hotbar, atleast guns. Right now if I want to pvp I have a m4, mp5, m4, mp5, shot gun, medkit. Use the mp5 to spray from hip and push up, switch to full m4 to pull off precision shots to end it, or switch t o the other mp5 to put him back in cover and get closer, pop shotgun and shoot him or m4 and end him. If they’re further away i do the opposite, using the m4 once. Thing is t hough, I can go through 5 guns and never reload, and hell, put a bow on last and never reload and kill guy while he is reloading.

  1. Make bears as fast as they really are, make wolfs take less hits, only one even but hunt in packs of 2+. Maybe adding water as a necessity and such,will make communities around lakes and springs. Making them endless should keep players from feeling that they need to kill someone to take control of a spring so they can live easy, instead making a community to protect it from bandits and such, this would make it possible to being a pain in the ass of a bandit, or even killing them from dehydration. There needs to be more reasons to form communities and groups. People mostly ask to partner up to kill you even if you’re naked from what i’ve seen, or maybe i’m just pessimistic. But drawing people together is a good thing. This would also cause bandits to come together, finding their own lake or spring, or possibly attacking a community to take over their water supply.

  2. Revamp crafting, make it possible to make different tier of workbenches, or upgrading it by adding tools. There needs to be more filler between the to ends of the spectrum. Make some of these new stations, say a Workshop Station, should be big, and require groups of people to work together to gather for it, put it together, and work with it. Say you can make a military grade m4 on your badass Tier 3 work bench, but it takes 8 times longer, cost almost twice as much as it would at the workshop. Make wep mods easy to make though or different tiers with different models.

  3. Be able to see if someone looks sickly, fat, hungy, thirsty by character model’s changing. That’d just be awesome, also would add to uniqueness of a character’s story without having to rp.
    5a. Make the seasons. I could understand no snow, but still should do colder weather, and cloth pants just won’t do. Fall should have some windy rustlin leaves and storms.

Well, I’ll stop there as I’m passing out sitting up. Won’t reply to haters, if you want to criticize do it constructively. Other ideas are welcome! But PLEASE, be comitted to ADDING to the sand box, this is not a debate of taking guns out, sleepers, blah blah. Mods can take that off, and do much more. More toys in the sandbox is best, if you don’t like some toys then put them away for another time…This is also my first post, or second, but i visit this forum daily, almost more then i play the damn game. Goooddd DAY SIR.

TL;DR version - Better battle mechanics, and better survival mechanics would make this game the most epic of epicness games ever.

Personally I’d like for the more modern guns to be alot more difficult to get, along with C-4.

I do like your ideas though, and if its alright can I suggest another?

Gun Care/Repair.
I feel that it’d be slightly fitting if you have to actually take care of your guns, from cleaning them to minor/major repairs. I’d like to see as a consequence of not taking care of your gun a possibility of it jamming, and things such as that.

I do also feel the same about modern guns and c-4. That’s why i said about 4x the effort to make it on the highest tier work bench. Even if they were airdrop only, lone wolf’s wouldn’t have a chance at ever getting them, this way everyone can make it eventually, it’s just that a group of players have it easier. But it would also be something other people would want, and want to take rather then put the time into building one, so more raiding would be an issue. Gun Care/Repair is a great idea, already before the server bugged and wiped everyone’s buildings but not characters, i had a small one by one plot, i had to add another just to expand large crates into that were full of guns. Decay should be added, with side effects like jamming, misfire, and just plain falling apart. And I was lone-wolfing it, I had enough guns to arm a small army with a side arm and primary of some sort, mostly m4’s and p250’s.