some ideas for a mod

hey guy,

i love most of the mods for gmod, but i thought about somethings i want to have and did not found, but i cant program, so i came to the idea to ask some people if they maybe want to program some of my ideas:

1.puke-SWEP (puke on player or NPCs and deals damage(with a good[=discusting] sound)
2.KAMEHAMEHA-SWEP [from dragonball](big damage and some good animations)
3.chuck norris NPC (do always roundhouse-kicks)
4.pokemon-NPC (not this f****** lucario, mewtwo or flying glurak(like this dragon-npc)would be better) or tool(make a NPC gay, so he stands gay and talks about gay things)
6.mao tse tung-NPC (should talk chinese)
7.rick-asthley-NPC (sings never gonna give you up and everybody dies)
8.penis-SWEP (kills player and npcs with sperm [with funny, dump orgasm])
9.Slayer-NPCs [kerry king,hanneman,araya,lombardo] (which always shout “SSSSLLLLLAAAAAAYYYYÖÖÖÖÖÖÖRRRRR!!!”)
10.redbull-SWEP (you get wings and can fly)

I am disappoint.

I agree with above.
Seriously. None of these are even funny.
I disagree with every single swep idea of OP.

there already is a 7 I think it was rick rolled radio or something stupid like that

I was actually gonna do number 8, however my maturity got the best of me.

Rate me funny dammit.

Oh shit there’s not a thread in facepunch about that.

man,wtf do you want
it dont supposed to be really “funny”, it should be DUMB
like every mod should be(and is,mostly), thats what garrysmod makes so genial
its not a normal game with a story, you only do dumb things in garrysmod and that makes it funny
every person who plays gmod “normal” is an idiot, because why should i buy a game in which i actually do nothing, no story, no beginning, no end, nothing to play it like every other game
you just can have fun when you do dumb things and so you need dumb mods like my SWEPs or NPCs

ok, maybe you can do some videos, then you dont need those things, but most of the people who make videos just make bad or not funny videos, only few player really can something and do videos like “idiots of garrysmod”
and if you dont like the good garrysmodvideos, just stfu and gtfo!!
then nobody needs you here

“but i cant program”

Programming is hard so people like you don’t make sweps like these.