Some ideas for final release

After playing the game for about 36 hours I’d like to suggest somethings which would make the final game so much better.

C4 charges need to be seriously nerfed… I think you should change the C4 charge so that the “Trigger Switch” which is a new component needed to detonate the C4 only comes from airdrop. It can’t be researched and it can’t be crafted. One trigger switch can detonate upto 6 charges then the switch disappears.

Create some sort of friend system whereby friends can use your doors and friends or people in group (create a group system) have a green icon on their head. Only you will see your own teams green icon so you don’t mistake an enemy for a friend :smiley:

The world at the moment feels very “desert island” like and I’d like to see towns / villages with abandoned hospitals and other places as apposed to nothing but the same identical looking factory.

I would really like to see a sniper but I know this could be abused a lot in the games current state. You could put a restriction on the amount of bullets which can be carried at one time. Like 10 maybe? Also the only way to get sniper rounds is from airdrop, they can’t be researched and they can’t be crafted.

Allow for crafting of objects like draw bridges, trip wires, bunkers ect.

Am I right in thinking the zombies are only place holders for future creatures? In any case I’d like to see more wild life, rabbid dogs, birds, crocodiles near swaps / marshland.

Extending on the swamps / marshland, create a more varied enviroment.

All for customisation of your character and I’d like to see hemlets, glasses, gloves, different types of jackets / clothes (new, well worm, damaged) ect

Also finally I would really really like to see more work done on the scavaging side of things. Personally I think it was a huge mistake allowing people to research and craft anything in the game. Would feel much more like a survival game if you had to really really search long and hard for items. I know this sounds like dayZ but the alpha version of Rust is just incredible and I really hope they don’t ruin the final release by taking the survival aspect away from the game.

Thanks for reading!

easy solution on the C4.

remove research kits, make everything blueprint only. remove C4 drops from zombies and air drops. done

Getting REALLY sick of seeing this on the forums. C4 is perfect right now. If C4 gets nerfed and made super rare like so many people suggest without thinking it through, you can bet it breaks the game. If i can only get 2 C4 everyday while you build 8 doors and 16 more walls a day, the only people who will ever be raided are the newbs. Then that kills their game because vets can’t get enough to target eachother. This is such a bad idea and people need to learn C4 isn’t easy to get, it takes days to prepare for a large house to be raided, and i have rarely seen anyone with more than 20 to throw around, that’s 10 doors, which is bugger all considering the size of most houses on the map.
Now, maybe people should get to a point in the game where you actually have tried to raid an established base before commenting on this issue, you have only played 36 hours, you’ve probably never had C4, yet you have a complaint about how easy it is to get. /endrant

Your other ideas aren’t too bad lol.

I think hes just making an observation. Their should be no need to build a huge house with hundreds of doors. Thats just meta gaming. Wouldnt you rather a solution where you wouldnt need to do that but you also keep the ‘be able to do what you want’ theme?

Maybe nerf C4 and make metal doors cost huge amounts to craft and add reinforced metal doors, or some such.

I have actually made C4. I’ve raided a few houses and your solution of “build more doors” to prevent yourself being raided fails. This causes the casual player to gather for days and days an unreal amount of material which needs somewhere secure to be stored and then to build the most massive ridiculously large house with 20 doors, enough for them to get lost in their own house? I’ve learnt every blueprint in the game like most people now and I can go from butt naked to C4 at the ready within an hour. That to me is not how the game was meant to be designed.

Does it not make sense that the most powerful item in the game should be incredible rare / hard to make? I know people on my server who just run around every night with 20 bricks of C4 taking down 5 - 10 houses. At the moment C4 really is just easy mode.

Anyone else care to comment?

Well, reinforced doors is a good option. Making C4 blueprint only drop from airdrops, and maybe militairy bases on the map ( the new one which is coming). Traps and spikes are good ones to. so that are my suggestions.

And now for something completely different…

Howabout plants, fruits, veggies for consumables and resources? Because animals are not easily available…

Plants would be nice. Maybe some poisonous ones that you could make into poisons to coat arrows with. The shots could then cause a cripple effect or something of the sort.

Yes! Exactly something like that…

So So SO MANY butthurt people, nerf c4, make guns harder to get/use/maintain

as LMNT said, it will make for more noob killing
more importantly it will make a greater gap between naked and geared players, which will in turn generate even more butthurt.

The fact that you can fully gear yourself in an hour or less is fantastic it’s at the right level where it is. People keep complaining and directly or indirectly want to make it harder on fresh spawns. Which will make the guys that raid YOU even more OP.

You wanna make C4 much harder to get so that the only players that have it are clans and hardcore-no-job-players. So they can just profit in much larger doses. and you can quit the game right there, because you lost 30 hours of stuff instead of 3 hours worth.

Solution: Play smart, don’t build in a high traffic zones, Gather resources, (group up), Raid others. Profit. DIE, get raided. Restart over with the same or greater strategy.

Just think about the consequences of what you are suggesting please.

This is only a little idea to add to the collection but I really think there should be a water bar too so you need to find bottles of water to keep hydrated.

I think the game is doing excellent atm as i have racked up over 67 hours in only a few days. The devs have a plan for the game so i think they will make it good! I have faith :slight_smile:

C4 is fine now. Even the big groups can succumb to two determined people seeking revenge. If you make it harder as one player suggested then ulitametly the noob loses out and the entrenched become tougher

The devs confirmed that zombies were placeholders while they think about other monsters.

…Or maybe just a bar in general. it would be soooo nice to have somewhere to go and just relax in-between killing sprees and what-not…

I’d love if there was an easy method for identifying friends in Rust, maybe create a group feature so people in my group have an icon above their heads or something?