Some ideas for future updates

I would like to see a few things added to the game that make it better in my opinion:

  1. Ability to make a farm so you grow your own food as well as hunt and recipes to make different dishes like rabbit stew or something of that nature to spice the game up more once you have a gun and base so you dont get bored
  2. Scopes - for bolt action rifle, ACOG for M4 thermal/ IR scopes for night time
  3. Select fire mod for the M4 and MP5 so you go semi auto or maybe add burst fire too for more accuracy
  4. More guns / weapons stronger guns and melee weapons higher caliber ammo, ect
  5. XP system with a skill tree to add more fun to the game and a goal to continue playing on past the first couple hours till your base is built and you have guns
  6. Stone building materials for more options to build with
  7. better walls/gates
  8. traps / mines or something to defend your base with when you are away
  9. larger world / random generated worlds
  10. a map
  11. destructable world (maybe) would be nice to have a customizable world option (aka minecraft like world) but it is also bad for pvp but allows for more metals and materials to be “mined”
  12. vehicles like dirt bikes, atvs, ect (they make noise of course) and maybe quieter/slower options like a bicycle
  13. hydration system so you need to drink water and ways to harvest water as well
  14. nightvision goggles for night time
  15. group/team option so you can see them on the map and also while in group you cant shot or hurt your teammates
  16. smarter zombies so they might try to attack your base and break in
  17. stealth system for animals and zombies so you can sneak past them (also if they hear your shot your gun they look)
  18. once melee weapons are added make guns a little more complicated to make like maybe use molds that you use with the furnace and form pieces to create the gun
  19. add customization to guns would be awesome like skins and camos for them so you have “your m4” not just a m4 like in call of duty so you have some kind of attachment to that gun when someone kills you and takes you will not have a nemesis to kill and try to get it back or just make another one
  20. lights in a base like add cieling or table lights so you dont have to use campfires and more decorative things for the base so its so plain
  21. Can add generators and windmills to power electric devices like the lights your base you might have recharge you guns flashlight, nightvision goggles, ect

All these things i mention are things i think would make the game better and give a whole of things to do after you’ve gotten the first couple of night down, theres always that time where you just run outta stuff to do, its like i can go kills zombies for fun i guess but i know every BP and have 100000 556 rounds my guns is fully modded and and im all kevlar so now what. not everyone likes pvp lots of people enjoy working together as a team, i have teamed up with a group of 5 people and we build a metal village it was fun collecting ALL that metal but once we finish were like now what we have everything we’d ever need. But i thought of lot of things i hope this can useful in improving an amazing game to be even better.

I wouldn’t like the world to be destroyed… Would be nice if trees would fall down and just respawn after a few minutes. Don’t want to make this game COD with the skins and camos for the gun… Would be nice to have camo for the bolt action to be more hidden…

Maybe the Devs can add steam generators that can power various things around the building such as lights, power doors, elevators, and escalators. The steam generator can run off of coal being burnt with low grade fuel or wood.

no to NV’s, no to group system(would require a map, i dont want a map)
destructible world in the sense of grenade holes n shit would be dope, but not minecraft style.
i want customization, but more so for clothing so your group can make their own colors/symbols to distinguish each other better. maybe a few gun customization, like camo for long range weapons n such. but nothing more.

iffy on a skill system and xp, unless it only involves skills like mining, farming, fishing, metalwork skill, woodworking, shit like that, not perks and abilitys for combat or something.

other than that i like the rest.

I like a lot of these for ideas but i’m not sure if an xp system for this game is the right thing to do. I don’t know how to progress from “caveman” to modern weapons so maybe a xp system is required to make progression.

some sort of 3rd person view, or at least the ability to see what things look like on your toon.

I dont know how to tell a friend what I look like because I dont know what I look like LOL

XP is a terrible idea for this game… We’re not playing COD here…

3rd person view is a great idea.

Not sure how I feel about adding 3rd person. People always used 3rd person in dayz for an advantage over others in first. This would be even worse if they added peeking with it as well. The only way I want to see 3rd person is like an inventory screen with my character with my armor on with my customized character.

i like these ideas, espcailly to the #1, this is a survial game, you should be able to farm and make everything to your needs. Also I kinda want to be able to mind for resources, or chop down trees for half the wood as the piles or something, JUst a suggestion

I think traps are definitely something that are being added soon.