Some Ideas for rust gameplay

Hey, so i have some ideas for your game rust.

  1. Cannon like what the pirates had. Can be maked whit 300 metal fragments, 100 wood and 1 fuse

  2. Caves where you can find iron and many other materials

  3. Oil Lamp. Can be maked by 20 Low grade fuel and 10 metal fragments. can be placed on the ceiling and on sticks outside the door

  4. Boat. Can be maked whit levels. Level 1 just a little roe boat. Level 2 a sail boat. Level 3 Huge Ship.
    This can be made whit
    Level 1: 20 wood planks
    Level 2: 40 wood planks
    Level 3 100 wood planks

  5. Cycle

  6. Car


  1. Wood Plane

  2. Beach whit sand

  3. Fish, Sharks and octopus in the water

  4. Better weather effects like Snow, rain, thunder

  5. Cloth Tent

That was my ideas hope you can make them. i think many will like them :slight_smile:

  1. Not bad, might be kind of cool, assuming we get boats into the game, I don’t want to see cannons mounted in windows, that would be a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. It’s been suggested MANY times. It seems to be rather popular in the community, and I would support it.

  3. Oil lamp: Why? we have torches…

  4. Boat: I like that a lot, but no huge ships, and also you should be able to create a metal version that can sustain more damage.

  5. Cycle: Like a bicycle? Yes, I would like that.

  6. Car: No, map’s too small, it isn’t really needed.

  7. Birds: Eh… You wouldn’t be able to kill them with anything but a bow or guns, and for the amount of meat and all it would put out, it wouldn’t be viable.

  8. Wood plane: Not sure what you mean here, if you mean an airplane, then I say no to that, it would just create overwatch groups who pick people off from the sky, most likely, and even if not, it doesn’t seem quite fitting.

  9. Beach with sand: Yeah, that sounds cool, we are on an island afterall, a sandy shore on the wasteland would be interesting.

  10. Fish: They would be REALLY cool as aesthetics, and you could go fishing, sounds cool.
    Sharks: Yeah, but only in open waters on the outer edges of the sea map, ones that will tear you apart if you are without a boat.
    Octopus: Nah, seems kinda weird to me.

  11. Weather effects: I suggested that forever ago here. it was MASSIVELY popular and weather is confirmed to be coming, but probably not seasons, go ahead and take a look.

  12. Cloth tent: Nah, too fragile for the amount of resources it would take up. Trust me, when you are starting out, you will need that cloth for clothes and a sleeping bag, a tent is the last thing you would want.