Some ideas for Rust

Combat knife- can be used to kill players zombies or animals (your choise) , and with the combat knife you can get more loot when you skin an animal.

Hunting rifle- a new type of gun, the hunting rifle will have a large scope that with the scope you can see further and snipe players animals zomebies (your choise :slight_smile: the hunting rifle need m4 ammo to shoot.

Gass station- a new NPC building that in it you can find bullets, low grade fuel, and sometimes guns (rarely).

Camp fire- the camp fire will be more difficult to make… you will need 5 wood and 3 stones.

Cars will need fuel to work- you need to put the low grade fuel on your hot bar, and right click with the fuel on the car.

Thanks for reading! leave a comment! and sorry about my english (:

Combat knife- meh, the hatchet is doing just fine.
Hunting rifle- absolutly no, imagine some players just sitting in there huge buildings and sniping the sht out of peeps. In my opinion combats will be boring.
Gass station- Already lots of places, and can’t see why it should be a “gas station”.
Camp fire- Only added stones… and why should it be harder? you really need to elaborate more.
Cars will need fuel to work- god please no, I would really hate to see cars(or any other type of vehicle ). the aim of the game is to create a base defend it and raid close places.(which is largely enough) What would you do with a car anyways ? go somewhere and why so ?


PS: Sorry if I have been to negative but you need maybe to “expand” your ideas so they could fit with the game.

real good ideas if they were yours

I would like to see some kind of Friendsystem where you can add or remove players as your friends. And those who are your freinds will have the colour… green while other players will have the default colour of yellow. Perhaps even have the option to ignore them.

Also a minimap, or a craftable map. Where you can mark things and see your spawnpoint, perhaps even your freinds? (a green dot on the map, if we’re going after the friendsystem idéa above)

Global cooldown. If you use food/medkit, there could be a global cooldown for every item in the game that gives you health or regen, so no one will abuse the macro problem we have today (seen alot of players complaining about this)

Nice thread, keep the idéas flowing! :smiley:

I’m sure that’s planned but I’d rather see a waypoints system.

Sorry to say that but the answer is no.
Devs made that clear over and over again.
They will be system that will help identifiying each other: Dies for clothing and stuff like that , but no buddy list no minimap etc.