Some ideas for rust

Well iv played allot of mmo’s and rpg’s and mmorpg’s and iv realized that rust has no “Party” system. Id like to see maybe like a walkitalki added where your team can set the frequency maybe.Or just a cmd and party system would be cool. Second would be adding ppl to doors and being able to pick up everything you place,Maybe use liker a special pick up tool and only works on what u have placed.Third to spawn with some kind of map and the maps also like the walkitalkis would be cool. So far the alpha is amazing keep up the good work!

I don’t see the use of walkies, since you can use teamspeak, skype and whole bunch of other communication ways. If you want to speak to someone that is not your friend you have voip and if it is your friend than you have teamspeak, so why use walkies?
Concerning you other ideas, please first go read FAQ and search about that, because it was written before.