Some ideas for rust


I just bought the game and i played it with my friend for like 6 hours!! Its a really awesome game!! I recommend it to all my friends.
But lets talk about something else. I have some ideas for rust. Sorry for my bad english. Im trying…

idea 1:
Electricity, Something I really want. You can make a generator to ‘make’ electricity. You can place lamps so you don’t need fire things anymore. The generator runs on fuel. You can manually switch the light on or off by pressing E. With electricity you can also protect your house. Make a alarm or something.

Idea 2:
Weather… I like the sun but it would be nice if it could rain sometime.

Idea 3:
not my best idea but I would like it. You can make buckets (or maybe a bottle?) And you can put some water in it so you can drink it.

Idea 4:
Glass. Make glass from something and place a real window. With glass you can make bottles (see idea 3)

So… I hope you liked the ideas. I hope they will get added to the game. I know its aplha and you are working on it but these are my ideas.

greets from holland!!