Some Ideas Going Forward or SIGF

This is a pretty interesting game (Rust) and I have some ideas for content going forward. I am not really sure what is being planned for this title (the content seems to be hidden and the communication is very poor from the development team).

Anywho, here are some suggestions for things to put in the game:

  1. Boats - I mean why not? A canoe perhaps with a river to run down.
  2. House upgrades - That wood is just not doing it for me, how about some meteorite walls!
  3. A client instead of the browser - I hit escape all the time to exit interfaces and this game kicks me out to the browser if I do that.
  4. Punishment for murder - NPC traders wont trade with you, or a wandering NPC marshal will hunt you down etc.
  5. More variety - variety makes things interesting
  6. Sleeper mode is pretty lame. Decrease inventory size and allow for backpacks or sacks or backpack/sack wearing pig mules
  7. Sonic screw drivers… seriously
  8. Also, only I get a TARDIS. Put a TARDIS in the game for me to complete non-violent rescues of noobs being harassed by jerks with guns.
  9. Roaming pack zombies at night.
  10. More Rust - ing things
  11. Kung Fu - cause rock never beats gun
  12. My own armoured guard dog with fricken laser beams on his head.
  13. Sneaking - sneaking that works for players as well as NPCs
  14. A trading system - maybe not a monetary system but a bargaining trading system.
  15. Portal Gun.
  16. Coffee
  17. Patio lanterns.
  18. Bunk beds
  19. Friends - so they can access your house
  20. Cooking skills - lets make some butter tarts!

Well that is all for now. I had a little fun. Lets see what else I can think of in the future.



I dont know if you’re taking it seriously :frowning:

1, 9, 13, and 18. I think are great idea’s.

However, i think you didn’t put much thought into this and ran out of idea’s after point 1. So you just threw in what ever you could think of. I appreciate this is meant to be funny. But if you want to draw attention edit your post and make things a bit more on track maybe?. Otherwise you won’t be taken seriously.