Some ideas how to replace zombies


I’ll try to explain some ideas i have to improve the survival in Rust. As i speak french, i’ll do my best, but maybe some points will be hard to explain in english, sorry. Ask me if some point is not easy to understand.

I think the best choose is to keep the danger from animals and nature. The zombies are too common in other games.

Here are a few examples

-Add some wolf pack. They should be smart, hunt in group, maybe 2 group trying to take the survivors from differents sides.
-Some eagles would be cool. That’s one more direction to look for danger. They could have nest in the moutains
-Add some group of bears living in caves.
-Add some marsh in the map, with crocodiles, snakes, … We could be sick if we stay too long in this area
-Some big lizards, maybe varans, would should climb in the trees, walls, roofs, …
-Add some human (mutans?) tribes
- A primitive tribe living in wood village, hunting with bows, spears, axes, …
- A primitive tribe living in underground. As they don’t see a lot the light, they could be blind but have very good hearing
- A primitive tribe living in a village in the trees

Going further, we could imagine some change of behavior with the weather, day/night, …

-During the night, the bears come out from the caves and prowl near houses, trying to get some food
-If it’s raining, the crocodiles could go outside the marsh to hunt
-If the day is hot, the big lizards should be very agressifs
-Some tribes wars
-Some tribes rituals : trying to kill survivors to give the body to a big animal, …

The idea is to make everything interact with everything :

-tribes could hunt wolfs, bears, …
-normal wolfs could be agressif with mutants wolfs

The danger would be everywhere, and people would have to play in group to survive

What do you think about this kind of ideas?

Better then damn dinos for sure you have my vote.

Hello, I love this idea, I vote yes.

Sorry for my English, I translate with google.
Support of the Francophone community

Nice +1

I like it. A more dynamic PvE world would add lots to the survival aspect of the game.

I definitely like the idea of nature being our biggest threat (besides other players)

Dinosaurs SUCK!

I’m happy to see some of you like the ideas.

If you have suggestions that goes in the same way, tell me :slight_smile:

This is a really good idea :smiley: I think that the PvE isn’t enough present in the game so this is awesome suggestions :wink:
I vote !
I really hope that developers will read this post

you forgot dinosaurs

Well it’s better than dinosaurs obviously…
But it’s not that easy to code and program ‘smart’ animals or tribes…
Everything interacting with everything sounds cool but it would be a memory monster and unplayable for people using ‘normal’ computers. I like the idea but it seems like a big step, far away in the distance

Superbe idée je vote pour =)

Enorme !!

I don’t like the idea of eagles… Also bears in caves seems stupid to me. Better have primitive tribes in treehouses, caves and/or venice style in the waters. This paired with wolves hunting in groups (because wolves do that in real life) and much stronger bears seems pretty cool to me, although it’s rather basic.

Some good thoughts.
Here is some more.

On the wolves and bears. I was thinking, that over time the amount of them grow.
So, if you don’t kill them, they multiply. Forces you to hunt on a regular basis, or you get overrun.
Each one that is still alive, divides into 2. Say once every 3 days or something like that.

On the original thoughts above.
You would need the 1st spawn in points free from all your animals and tribes.
Say a 250 meter zones.
That way the individual just coming into this server would have a head start before he dies.

no tribes, in my opinion animals and nature (weather patterns, seasons, etc.) should be your replacement for zombies, so i agree with you there.

I love hostile groups of survivors, animals of all types, multiplying if you don’t hunt, and them also interacting with each other.

Bigfoot please!

Very rare, very elusive and very hard to kill.

Your ideas is garbage, Rust is making dinosaurs you idiot

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