Some ideas of mine.

Hello Facepunchers! I’d like to make a few Gmod LUA requests. First of all I would love to see a cover system mod, such as camera movement behind cover, being able to latch onto walls and peek over or around cover, and to mantle cover. Secondly, I would like a point system I an use for singleplayer zombies, to purchase a weapon off of a wall, or to open a door. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! :smile:

Bumpty Bump…

Bumpy… I really would like these!

Stop bumping.

If no one has replied, it generally means “no”.

I’m sorry, but nobody will spend their time Lua scripting something they do want to script. Not that I’m saying your ideas are bad or impossible (they probably wouldn’t be that hard to make for some of the lua geniuses on here) but I don’t think a lot of the scripters will bother.

However, if you did find someone who liked these and they were good with Lua (I’m pretty shit with Lua. Hell, I barely know visual basic) then this is a possibility, but sadly, not yet.

So stop bumping.

Well, i’m sorry, but still, if anyone would help me, please let me know…

Isn’t the remote control already this

Woah, I forgot about that… Woops.