Some ideas to discuss

First of all, thanks for doing this game. I rarely buy any game, but i love this one, i see a lot of potential.

I know you guys are receiving a whole bunch of ideas, and that you already have ones of your own. I just hope that if repeat them a lot, you will take them into account.

Here are mine (Some of them repeated from other guys):

  • Add some intermediate weapons. Come one… from a pick axe and a bow to a gun?? Where are spears, swords, ballestas… This takes me to the next point:

  • Increase difficulty. Almost anyone has a gun in like a couple of hours. A gun, or a shotgun, or a m4, should be something REALLY hard to achieve. If 150-300 people can play at the same time, and there are 1000 people playing in one server, i think it would be nice to have… 20 guns, 10 shotguns and a couple m4 AMONG everyone. This would also create some kind of…

  • Fear Factor. If you have a gun in a couple of hours, you start facing the zombies, bears and other players straight on. Fuck off survival, i have a gun!!!

  • More animals. Ok, we have chicken… even if i don’t know how to kill’em… pigs, wolfs, bears and deers. Imagine… horses, cows… Which takes me to the next point:

  • Improve our houses. Maybe creating farms?? I know this sounds a bit like age of empires, but i think there some good points to make. If you can tame cows, horses, pigs and chicken, anyone could have a little farm… if you can tame a horse maybe you could ride it? Which takes me to…

  • Vehicles. Ok, i’ve read people asking for cars. I’m not that much into it. Why? Same reason as weapons: difficulty. First, walking. Then, a horse. Maybe with time, a cart for the horse and raid with friends… But if this is a survival game, we cannot go from using a stone to using cars in 2 days!!

  • Another idea: Castles. Maybe not castles per se, but building with stone, not only wood and metal. Again, humans learned first to build with stone and LATER, way WAY later in time, to use metal… (First metal estructures were depeloded in the 18th century, piramids 1000 years bc)

  • Vehicles AND weapons. I haven’t seen it posted, but… what about BIG weapons? Siege weapons to destroy houses?? rams, ballistas, scorpions, catapults… we could pick ideas from AoE, Civ sagas… This could develop in clans making cities and other clans sieging them…

I don’t know about you guys, but i like to feel like a peasant from AoE. I want to build my house, i want to raid, to attack other people, to feed me… For me, guns shouldn’t dissapear, only be EXTREMELY difficult. I think the more basic the weapons, the better. I want it to be a cooperation (or destruction) game, more than a shooter!!

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions?? :slight_smile:

I’d like to see biomes, climates, seasons - spring, summer, winter …
Storms, heavy rains and weak.
Also the need to consume water, collecting medicinal plants, horse riding, a larger amount of different animals, traditional weapons, removing firearms. Viral diseases.

Now what i think about the weapons,
I think we at some point we all want M4’s and C4, the modern weapons but
The Blueprints should be very rare and guns shouldnt be found in zombies and boxes at all,
Blueprints should be found and once used should take a long time to have the item in your craft list
Lets say, get the M4 blueprint, but the learning process should take 2 weeks in real time, and cost lot more, C4 could be 3 weeks time,
and no use of research kit, you might make a item and give to a team mate but he wont be able to make it
Take would extend the evolution time and make players stick to the same server.
Give me your opinion.

Only thing I would like more than weather would be a way to herd animals, like a mini farm, but that would broke the all “go hunt food” thrill that I, sometimes, like…