Some ideas

Please read and comment this:

  1. Invertory size…

Can a man walk away with a 30 AK?
Why in the Rust he can do it?
We don’t know…
Will the appearance of cars, reducing the backpack?
I like this idea…
In any case, it is possible to make bags, baskets Dress on the back …
Like this:

2.Childs of Rust

Depending on the number of hours spent in the game can be the age of the character. Let’s say from 14 ending 45 years

3.Single archipelago
If you sail far enough from the coast, it is automatically connected to the nearest “friendly” server. Administrators can themselves choose what servers their server will be friends

4.New weapons:
the net

Because it’s a game. A game that is still under heavy developement.

I like this idea with backpacks different sizes. A similar idea was Archiage, also modding Skirym and Fallout.

Yay lets make rust even more of a grind by adding to the non existent realism!