i have some IDEAS to put on game, like ;

-torch pole,
-incendiary arrows,
-sniper rifle ( and scoope )
-electricity generated by windmill
-Granade Launcher
-Flash Granade
-Sun Glasses
-House Painting
-handcuffs ( to kidnap someone :stuck_out_tongue: )
-New tipes of CrossBow (Carbon, other tipe made by metal)
-NightVison ; GOOGLES / SIGHT
-ChainSaw (get log / kill people)
-Military Poncho (ATTACHED IMAGE)
-METALIC ARMOR (medieval)
-saddle for horse
-shovel made ​​-signaling plate
-radioactive humans NPCs that drop itens

ideas made : Gustavo and Cerutti.






Almost all of your ideas are already mentioned a dozen times.

With one post, the man is clearly new here. I don’t fault his enthusiasm to contribute one bit. I find your post to be discouraging, probably not necessary. I do value your opinions though, most of your posts I tend to agree with. Be nice to new guys. Rust is vitriolic enough.

although it could have been worded more kindly, it is true that most of these things have been suggested previously, and the op would know that if they spent an hour or 2 reading threads to see what has been discussed:)

the input is welcome, but some effort to check previous discussion is always appreciated.

I still don’t blame him. At all.

Most have been mentioned as said.

Perhaps we can get a concept art thread going with stuff modeled or digitally painted in rust style.

I really liked the idea with a chainsaw :slight_smile: assume it will produce a little less than 15 but very quickly, plus it will be a lot of noise and will attract unwanted guests. As fuel is used by low quality fuel.

duel end fire ax cuts more wood @ 30-35 per hit

You’re right, I sounded a bit harsh there.

I actually like the military poncho idea. Dunno if that got mentioned before.

I’m not sure the fact that an axe has two edges makes it cut wood any faster.

this post with suggestions is better than 99% of crap posted here, including this post :smiley:

You forgot rope…:frowning:
1/10 would not recommend.

Wait a second that Car is really damn sexy.

10/10 IGN

Yeah, the car is cool, and if they add it like that, they need to make everyone look like Stephen Fry, naked.

what about pets? and pet fights? oh wait…that was another game …

Yes, im new at this site, but i was talking to my friend and i write our ideas that would be awesome at definitive game :confused:

Stand between two close together trees and get one on the backswing :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s appreciated. I’m not going to search the forums exhaustively every time I have a thought or an opinion. This is community. Things are repeated. Usually the most broken sounding records are the ones saying they have already heard it. But for every one who has heard it, there are at least as many that haven’t, and I think this intellectual ping pong is invaluable.

I’d love to see a thread where people evolve iterations of others’ suggestions.

Fun Fact: Davy Crocket once stuck a two sided ax into a tree vertically, and during wartime then used a musket to shoot the ax which then split the bullet in two, and shot two guys.

I know this wouldn’t be implemented in Rust ever, but that would be seriously bad ass if something like it could be achieved in rust.