Some ideas?

Hey, I’m making this very simple Deathmatch map based around a single building (How original. :rolleyes:). Though I can’t seem to come up with any ideas. Would any of you care to throw a few ideas out on how I might populate the surrounding map and interior of the building?

Current layout;

It’s pretty basic, though if you think it needs it I could change some of the walls around. I’m flexible!


Also sorry about the terrible writing. Vista paint + antialiasing and paint bucket tool.

I think a sawmill could be pretty cool. It’s kind of original. Put some trees and a forest like theme to the outside. Add some logs, saws, and stuff like that.

Dear me, I’m really sorry I forgot to mention that this is a mid-urban based map. :v:

Oh I see. Well the layout of your map reminds me of an office. That is all I can think of. Sorry, I will try to think some more things up. It might take time though…

Anything will do. Hell it could be some three story teleportation complex for all I care. :rolleye:

Be creative!

I’d like some ideas so I can have this finished by the end of the day. :v:

make a usable jail plox


What about full sized glass windows all around?

Good idea, I’ll put it on the first floor.

Two floors left guys.


Third floor material.

This building is gonna look really badass. :buddy:
so now we still need to populate the second and third floor with ideas. They can be as simple as prop addition and placement or something like a pool. :c00l:

Also, needs surrounding skyscrapers and stuff.

And perhaps moving cars/people on the street below.


Maybe make the top span multiple roofs?

Sounds good. Also, I’m planning on adding a simple 3d skybox with such things as that. This map doesn’t have to make sense it just has to be playable and fun.


So I’ve gone an changed around the layout a little, as the stairs and such turned out different than I expect. Though all of your ideas will remain the same.


P.s. I’m too lazy to change the layout picture, but I promise I’ll put more effort into the actual map. :v:

Make the roof have a bunch of things you can hide behind.

Air conditioners and such? Yeah I was thinking about that. So I will.

I sometimes notice people leave roofs empty.

Hehe great tip, if it wasn’t for this thread i’d be leaving my roofs completely empty.


Top span multiple roofs? :v:

Well I suppose it’d be good for magnum snipers. :3:

magnum snipers :argh: What does everyone have against the crossbow, learn to compensate for movement.

There are weapons other than the gravity gun in deathmatch?