Some insurgents fighting

Just a SDoF and model test :buddy:

C&C Please!

Your posing is definitely getting better.

Generic, can’t tell if the front guy is stomping or walking. Your posing is getting better though.

That angle is a spah! And well the insurgent is going to trip and fall, but hey an santz said you are improving.

Thanks guys and yes my pose is a bit better it took me 3 hours :buddy:

3 hours ? Oh shit.

That’s good! Never do anything rushed, good poses take time.

Yeah, Watching a tutorial, looking the best pose, Editing, Finding an good angle!

good too see your improving, posing still needs work… remember to take your time, the longer the better (usually) and the dof, make sure it isn’t too strong or it will look bad, make it just enough to blur the background, not the whole pic