Some interesting landscape/city concepts.

I seen a thread in the Modelling section for weapons and shit, so I had a few concepts of landscapes/cities saved so I thought I would upload them here for you guys to use.

I take no credit for these concepts what so ever, all credit’s go to the respectful owner(s).




I hope these help or inspire you guys in some way, ill upload more at some point.

Sorry for the long OP <3

Looks interdesting

This one is awesome I might try and do something on it in a bit

Some of those are really awesome.
Also you could add the Iron Sky’s moon base there.

Finally, someone who gives me a great idea and inspiration for a new project. Am going to give this one a go in a bit, something simple. Might even make it in DEV and enter it into the contest, if I get anywhere close to finnishing it in time.

Reminds me of Dear Esther.



Here’s his artblog, he runs a school.

Okay, have actually started this map, its going nicely so far, although I can see I’ve got SO much work ahead. Will post pics tomorrow or something when I have got some progress down!

Love the picture of the train, reminds me of Final Fantasy 7.

Hurr durr durr borealis.

edit: bonus pic from the same blog

I liked those first ones that really showed original cultures and even other ages. Anyway, really cool map concepts.

dag nab it. These are really inspiring. May actually use them :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll post some more from various blogs and things tomorrow.

Quite inspiring.


I really like that (first) factory in winter.
Now i’ll want to map: Mini nazi moonbase, small part of city in Antarctica with view over the city and factory in valley in winter. this tumbler has some good set pieces

Might do this one, to practice you know displacements and rock modeling ( sheet rock why you so hard?!?!?)