Some items i think would be cool to add!

I think it would be amazing if they add a new sight “Acog Sight”.
Same as a new weapon “Crossbow”.
And a better protection for your house maybe Metal Spike Walls “More dmg” and “Metal Barricade”

What do you guys think about this??

Sounds like the old Battlefield 3 xbow patch…

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edit: They have already mentioned making barbed wiring, you should read the trello more often…

With how much people want the crossbow I bet they’re going to add that in, I actually never thought of metal barricades but what exactly will it do? The wooden barricade seems to good enough.

Well it would probably do more damage, and be hardar to destoy than a wooden one :slight_smile: Also it would look cooler

gotta add rug to the houses to reduce footseps

These have been suggested, and I agree. I would like to see them as well. The Rug too, though it would be a double edged sword. If they implement that, then it would be nice to have nightingale floorboards to mske louder noises when someone walks across them too.