Some Jerries standing around.



lolz at the guy in the coffin.
Nice stuff there babe

Rrr <3

Ugh, another tester showing of his models.

Don’t be such a panzy , i don’t got those models , doesn’t mean i need to rage at him.

Nice stuff , the guy in the coffin is kinda creepy.

teddy :frowning:

I like to pose with waw models. If you got a problem with it, no offense, get the fuck out and save the post next time.

Also thanks for the comments and critism guys. Really appreciate it.

(User was banned for this post (""Get the fuck out"" - Uberslug))

Ogawd the coffin, lol’d.

Very nice work here! I could never have the patience to make a pose this involved.

I like how you have them interacting with each other, and also that Teddy Bear in the medic helmet was cute. Nice job Rick VIce. :wink:

I only like the last 2. The first’s posing looks very unnatural.

How exactly?

Ghost is just awesome…
And Hairy where ya been?

lazy krauts…

i lol’d at the second picture

I love the first one!

You avatar theif.

Very nice picture RIck :smiley:

Your picture is hell-a cool, Rick.

Thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate it.

I want these models.

holy shit 2 guys have my avatar