Some Jinrai Massacring Imperial guards.

They hav ze timemachines!

Music: (Zhanks to Nerotic Fever :slight_smile:

** Stop right there you criminal scum! *Bang **

Damn it took long to shade every single thing :S

Now you shall post!

I’m not sure who should be saying “Stop right there criminal scum” :stuck_out_tongue:

The pointing one duh :stuck_out_tongue:

He has the best posing the pointing one.

Dark Messiah guards who use Oblivion guard’s lines, being killed by dudes from a different timeline?
(I have no idea what the “Jinrai” are, don’t flame me bro.)

All in all, not too bad!

I just noticed the Black Guard, they worked with the necormancers in dark messiah, such a mind blowing picture!!

It’s the future vs the past.

I was expecting imperial guards and not imperial guards.

the slightly awkward-looking run of the guy with the sword on the background (to the left if the gunmen) is the only negative thing I can say. A well-posed picture, and everything seems natural and all that.

I bet I’d find it even better if I actually knew anything of the games (They are game characters, right) that it’s about.

This picture was not supposed to fuck minds…
Or wasn’t it?
Hmmm? >:3

Nice screenshot… which map is this anyway?

Not a big fan of the muzzleflashes but the motion blur is cool.

Lol time travel can be really cool.