Some Juggernaut Shooting at Some Stuff

it’s been a while guys

not a lot of shit happening in the pic but whatever
really haven’t edited anything in a long time

hope you enjoy!!
C&C would be appreciated

I am split on whether or not I like the muzzleflashes.

Loving those muzzleflashes

thank you, someone who appreciates custom muzzles!

I don’t know why, but there is something that I do not like about these muzzle flashes.


very good. hellfire!
muzzleflash is too big though.
lovely shading. get my wood

It’s a small thing, but the flashes would only be the same size if he pulled both triggers at the same time, and even then, there should be a difference in flash size.

Get sum.

awesome i love stuff like that

making small muzzle is like having small dick
I like them big because it makes it more “intense” and “exciting”
rather than boring and simple

2 LMGs at once?


Looks nice, but its boring.