Some kid threatening to tear up my gmod community.

I’m just posting this for the lulz.

this is happening in my gmod community atm.

Hope this makes someones day! :smiley:

If he actually would DDoS people he would get beaten up by his parents for using their visa card.

We’re calling his isp right now. lul

He’d attack a steam friend just because they asked him to do something? Wow, someones going through puberty.

We banned him for harrassing players and demanding power. in his first day begging to demote our most dedicated staff members, then give him community manager.

As you can see, banning him was the right decision. :slight_smile:

Lol, dis kid

Sad reality when Ddos is coming more frequent these days.

i am with a leet hacker group i am here to steal your donation money

Edit: Nothing.

kids like him have been around for ages thankfully devnull isn’t around anymore though

I’m amazed how hurt this kid is.

Just an FYI, you might want to switch from MyBB, it has XML exploits, one of which is in the avatar upload system. (Unless it’s been patched).

I lol’d.

Sad reality when kids think they can use LOIC to DDos effectively under a VPN.

Aye, worst case scenario website goes down for a day.

Avatar uploads have been disabled.

Sign in through steam stops most other potential exploits, and provides another steamid to go to the ban list :smiley:

– Edit

DDoSing is a non-issue.
You’d have to break NFOs protection before our servers would go down.
Firewalls are nice like that.

Watch out for the Low Orbit Ion Cannon. (*cough not cough)

Chances are he’s going to try to DoS you. (Not DDoS, he would need friends for that. ) cough hidden joke cough

Tell the police to take pictures when they arrest him please.


I hope he didn’t get my ip, because you sensored the ips could you check them for this ip?

Just change your IP and reconnect.
Its going to be hilarious when he finally realizes he cant do crap when you just log back on for the 10th time.