Some kind of gma fast-dl?


Sometimes the workshop is fucking slow, i want you have the opportunity to put gma files to my own CDN for fast-dl.
Is that possible?

Extract the GMA, bzip the contents and put it in a fastdl

Haha, i get faced the same prob because the client dosent have this addon. <br>
I need also to force the clients to download it :slight_smile:

Speaking of fastdl, it seams as if the Gmod Wiki has removed the content of the page, and what to actually bzip. So I’m completely lost on what to do.

Basic FastDL instructions:
Take all your materials, sounds, models, particles, and resource and bzip2 them. I like to use zBzipper. Then upload the folders to a website. Set sv_downloadurl to the path to the download, viola. Your clients will be downloading from a much faster website then your gameserver. Add me on Steam if you need more help.

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Bzipping is just compressing files, for example I have a mask store on my server. Normally it is 12mb of downloads, compressed it is only 1mb of downloads. Saving a lot of time.

I already know that. But what I don’t know is what decides on what gets bziped. Does each file get zipped? Or is it folder?

Say like do I zip every file as it’s own in models/player/lordvipes/de_jc/, or do I zip the folder itself?

Each individual file is .bzip’ed. No folders, just files.

Thanks, all I needed to know.