some kind of "hardcore" mode?

i have always enjoyed playing games that were challenging, that you had almost no supplies and weren’t an incredibly over powered person with an armies worth of weaponry, like you could only have a certain amount of weapons at a time, like RE, s.t.a.l.k.e.r., stuff like that, and you could die easily if you ran out into the open spraying like an idiot, and there was a limited amount of ammo, so you had to be smart with your ammo supply, make every shot count. but the npcs had the same problem, but were much smarter (than they are now, running out into the open spraying and running towards you), where you could sneak up on them but not too easily, i know its a lot but im sure im not the only one who would want this. so onto the question, can anyone make something like this? if so that would be amazing (i cant code anything at all, so me trying would end up with me having some horribly fucked up code that made the npcs run into walls and stuff)

1)Capitalization, indentation, and paragraphation. Do it.

2)What the fuck do you want. Elaborate. “something like stalker” isn’t very helpful.

lol thanks and I will. I really suck at phrasing things so that probably might explain it.

  1. Lowered health for players and npcs
  2. Less ammunition to be found on bodies, and the player can only hold so many weapons (small weapons take up one space, big weapons 2, total of 4 spaces)
  3. Make the npcs smarter, so they don’t run at you spraying like fucking lemmings, make them take cover, blind fire, but lower their accuracy a bit so they aren’t completely superior to the player.

Thats what i mean, tell me if you understand it

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  1. (Accidentally forgot) Make a good stealth system for it, in one of the requests (dont even ask, i can find it, its a pain in the ass to find) so that the combine can hear even your silent footsteps, but only if your close enough to them (Valve already has a stealth system, but its not very good)

fml my computer posted that twice, i hate this pile of crap

Garrysmod isn’t some combat game like ARMA or any FPS to that matter.