Some kind of Holiday season

Click it for full size, warning long load time. Fun fact, it started off as Three differant things which just ended up combined into one.

Good one.

Oh I kid I kid. Santa Terminator made me laugh.

Well get online more often! I did spawn you, but i just left your ragdoll behind the table because i forgot.

Ooooh shit, that soldier and I passed out with our shoes on…

ya’ll know what that means.

Yay terminator santa!

Wait i thought i was a heretic in the eyes of the emperor, that’s what nexus tells me anyway.

Sore feet in the morning?

Her name is rio and she dances on the sand!


“Hello I am Terminator Santa and I bring presents you now owe me your life!”

Good stuff mate.

Terminator santa stole my Laptop, and all i got was a lasgun in return.