Some kind of ruined house. Early build, need opinions/ideas


The glass wouldn’t pop out and levitate onto the roof like that. Most likely all the glass would be shattered.

EDIT: And I hate to say it but there’s so much brush detail that it most likely becomes a nightmare of weird vertexes positions. You need to reach a balance between brush detail and texture detail and I think a lot of this could be done with custom textures and look fine without totally axing performance or optimization.

It looks fine though.

Planks wouldnt be like that on the house.
Maybe 1-2 of them are fallen off and 1 is not straight.
Houses outer wall build from planks would rot before fallin apart, unless someone did it and not from natural cause.
If a bomb exploded they would be burned and not much damaged.
Planks could also break partially and hang on to the other plank part still on wall.
The reason they dont fall down like that its because they are nailed/screwed not glued.

laso, have a big chunck of the roof caved in

Yeah, the outside planks look weird.


I think most of it should be covered except near the 2nd floor. That would be cool.

Kinda like this? (obviously done better, but this basic idea?)

Wow, the door is really well made. You should try to make the windows or glass of some sort like that too.

Out of the entire map all you like is the door :v:
But thanks! I doubt that they’ll be glass in the windows (seeing how most of the house is broken up), but maybe the wood covering it could break like that. (it’ll have to only be 1 or 2 windows, otherwise it’ll be too many physboxes and source will crash)

I can clearly see the door being clipped. The textures are off, an I can see the stripes coming off it, either fit the textures, or make the door different.

The textures are all fit and aligned. It’s less to do with the door and more to do with source handling shadows for the different physboxes.
Here’s a view of the door from hammer. See? Can you point out where each physbox is?

But i think it’s hardly noticeable, and the door will probably end up in 20 pieces on the floor very quickly in any real CS:S match
Besides from a distance you can hardly tell (first picture with the door)

I could get around this by adding something that will cast a shadow over the door evenly, like a small overhang or something.

I rated myself Bad Reading D:

i can’t wait for this mate! keep up the good work!

Yeah, and like you said, a bit more detailed.

I think you’re right, i’ll go see what i can come up with

To me it looks like it’s fake. Kind of like a poorly set up film set, if you get what I mean. The destruction is too deliberate. Although maybe that’s just the lighting. :3:

I don’t get where your going D:
But the lighting is a bit dull, needs some HDR!

for the siding on the main part of the house, it needs to be at least somewhat destroyed on the first story

Sorry about not responding.
Some minor updates, these pictures are a bit old. I’m working on the roof/second story walls a bit more, and i added a small row of cabinets to the kitchen (not in the picture, its an older one)

Looks awesome. What about walls that were separating the rooms though? That house hardly looks stable with just planks. Also, furniture.