Some L4D2 models give errors when tried to spawn

Ok so I ported all the L4D2 models but for some reason I happen to get this error when I spawn certain things. Like the phone book model, a notepad props, trash, stuffed animals etc

But judging from here and here

Notice the garbage cup and the stuffed animal?

If your graphics are still terrible, you’ll naturally have some problems.

Damn though,there just props.

It’s not graphics.

Then what could it be? I ran the VTX fixer through the models folder, the L4D2 content folder I made, and prop specific folders (Like Junk, Dark Carnival etc)

I get this as well… especially on the safe room doors :frowning:

Yeah, those too

I did notice that the official L4D model pack seems to have working items I think but I can never get the installer to work

L4D2/L4D have new propdatas, which are the materials types for props, and what sounds are played for the collisions, like wood, concrete, paper, I don’t know how to get them into gmod though.

I get this on most of the junk objects and a lot of the doors. I also get like 10fps if I spawn a common infected. It really irritates me.

When I installed the l4d props, it made some of the basic props garry’s mod comes with not work. For example the milk crates in the useful comic props section, it says a error message on the top right corner and spawns nothing. It did this to several props, including all the cs:s ones.

Yeah L4D uses props from Half Life 2 and what not, it probably replaced your default items with un spawnable ones

That actually makes sense, I think I am gonna go poke around the GCF a bit