Some little ideas, check IT!!!

Hello, my name is DiShenDeR and I bought Rust like 2 months ago. I would like if Facepunch added gestures (hands up, thumbs up, waving etc.), customizing your person before spawning and the actual look on you (like in DayZ) - you can see how you look, how does your armor or clothing look. Thank you for reading this and leave a comment! :slight_smile:

Iā€™m a huge fan of the vivid 1st person cam (where you can see torso, legs, feet, etc.) and gestures would definitely help people identify motives from afar (or help sneaky people be deceptive, however people wanna play it :p) good ideas!

yea, i wanna be able to look down and see FEET!

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ragdoll penis physics :quagmire:

a million +1ā€™s to this guy for perfect use of quagmire head