Some maps doesn't work

Hello , after downloading maps like gm_hugegrass Ive noticed that they dont launch. So im launching the map , and it gets back in main menu. Can anyone help me?

Post the console log.

Learn English gooder.

He speaks english just fine. You, on the other hand.

You didn’t get the joke.

I did.

Some maps doesn’t work is correct English?

Since when?

What matters is that the reader understands basically what is going on, which we all do.

Ok guys , sorry for bad English . I just wanted to sleep and was thinking badly . So , the problem : I launch the map , and after sometimes I get kicked into main menu

Im trying :slight_smile:

As Firegod already said, post the console log.

Does the name of the map file have any spaces in it. If so, take the spaces out and try again.

Nope , its called gm_hugegrass

thats the error

The map’s too big.

Map is too big.
It sounds like you didn’t make it, so it’s not your fault and you cannot do anything about it.
The entire map needs to stay within the grids on the 2d views in hammer to be able to run.

I understood , that it is too big . So there is no solution to make it work?

Decompile it, Open VMF or .MAP in hammer then resize the map within the grid limits?

Just don’t use the map.

Decompiling it is just a stupid way to fix something.

How is it stupid, Well if Im right Source .BSP files contain alot of info about brush work (Im probably wrong) But I mean, if he really needs to play the map and doesent have a .VMF then I guess decompiling would be the only way(Even though it sucks).

But not all info is reversible. And when you try to rebuild missing data, you end up getting a mess, just like it is decompiling and recompiling a .dll
I could go very picky about why decompiling isn’t a good idea, but at such point of editing a decompiled map and making it work, you’d have used enough time to rebuild the same map from ground-up.