Some marines shooting stuff on screen

contrast rape version

Haven’t posed in for ever thought I should try again.
CC please.
plus a crappy edit.

The guy in the middle looks way too relaxed, but the other posing is kinda nice.

added contrast rape version
Just realized the guy isn’t even holding his M60 d’oh :saddowns:
Thanks joazzz

Some Marines not using cover at all

You forgot to render the sdof

This is about directions people try to find in their lives. It is a monumental deceleration of having the courage to come out in the open and greet you fellow man on equal basis.
The blurriness is a symbol of obstacles in a future that can if the will is there, be a clear and bright one.

Animal mothering it.


My SDoF was borked so I couldn’t use it :frowning:
So i just used simple


Indeed my fine friend. Well played :golfclap:

I would recommend a different camera angle. Perhaps back up, and zoom in a bit more. You have some wasted space on the top and bottom. DOF is looking a little funny as well. The pose is very nice though.

If I backed up any more I would be in a wall.
thanks for the suggestions though I will be sure to try that.

Try turning off multi core rendering, that’s what worked for me.

Oh, okay.