"Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn." - A Bandit burns down a forest.

Didn’t come out as good as I thought it would.

What a lad.

Easily my favorite quote. Nice image too.

Fucking brilliant.

The noise it giving me a headache.

other than that it’s good.

Yeah, I had thought to minimize the noise a bit, but by that time it was already uploaded and the thread was already being made.

He should get away from that forest pretty fast before he melts

What a cold-hearted individual.

lmao nice

Now that’s just cold.


So, any advice to help me improve? I know that my past few poses haven’t really been edit-heavy and I know that the Noise is too strong. If someone could point me to a fire tutorial or something like that because I also know that the fire looks very pasted.

You could maybe find a way to make the snowman (and his features) seem more smooth; since you don’t really see the sharp edges on a snowball.

One of the things you’ve got to remember is that snow is powdery ice. It should shine like it’s made of ice. So in regards to improvements I’d try to make the snow a bit more shiny.

When I first thought of this idea I actually had gn0me’s idea in mind, as in I was going to do it. But I never really got around to it after I edited too much, maybe if the background was a solid color I could’ve done it, but because I didn’t place the snowman in a pose all on his own I kinda couldn’t, at least not with my skill set.

And Joyful, you’re totally right. I honestly forgot all about any shine on the snow, I’ll have to do that next time. Thanks for the advice.

I’ll be honest, I was waiting for Xanatoast to rate me something.


Cock, I thought it was supposed to merge this post into my other one

que paso

Moical Cahyne