Some men just want to watch the world burn.

all in game editing.

Some men just want to do bad shit.
Seriously, stop posting your shit until you get better.

Not exactly sure how he’s gonna improve if he makes pictures with no criticism when he clearly isn’t demonstrating that he can self-critique.

This is bad. Not good at all. If there was actually something good here then maybe I would compliment it but it’s not even worthy of that.

But he hasn’t posted a screenshot before :raise:

He’s going off shit in the personal skins thread.

So do you hate the posing, the lighting, or the falling ash effect i used?
I like the lighting i used but personally hate the posing.

Yeah the dude looks like he’s dead.


Supposed to look like he is sitting or brooding. really failed at portraying that.

You failed at everything here.

That’s “his” “personal skin” by the way.

He has, several times. Both in the section in the Perskin thread. He hasen’t improved over his months of absence.

Maybe he just wants to watch the world burn?

Look, I left The personal skin thread permanently (quote me if you want). If you continue to be whiny Bitches to me outside of it I’ll just go back to being a fucking troll. I’m actually trying to do something other than be a massive douch bag, try giving me some feed back that I can use to work towards being a better Artist within Gmod. All my editing is done in game because I do not have photo-shop and I agree that it looks bad.

Trolling the personal skins thread


What an achievement

Good, then we got one thing cleared out; you know you’re bad. And don’t try and troll if you don’t wanna get banned.

Not really, I’m pretty sure I could have posted nothing and everybody would freak the fuck out. like the media did over swine flu.

No, I have grown bored of that and would now like to actually try doing something productive.

So you’re basically admitting trolling?

Ooohh dis gon b a gud thread