Some Military unit stumbling upon more infected

Nice. All I can say

what models are those ?

Indeed, nice, all I can say. It’s good. The dof looks ugly… but eh, well you know.

what models are the tents, those are cool

I like this, just like in the movies!

It seems like there’s quite a bit of first-person views showing up lately.

The only thing I don’t get is why they look calm when there’s infected people standing right in front of them. Other than that everything looks good except for some strange blurring.

Left 4 Dead 2


As a note, all of the DoF was done by hand, which can explain the less then perfect properties.

How’d you get the breathing masks on em’?

Well, the soldiers are the MW2 operators over in the release section, and they have a body grouped gas mask.

I love the first person view. It feels really cinematic.

Those masks don’t stop bites

Great posing Hunter, this really reminds me of a movie, or could have been in a movie. You gave a nice modern fps feel with having the rifle holstered.

The posing and angle are very good, but it’s really bugging that the soldiers don’t give a shit about the zombies coming right at them.

The blur looks really weird, but I can understand the frustration of not been available to use Super DoF anymore.

I don’t really understand why the focus is on the weapon, a sign and some random other bits of the picture.

It’s a screenshot, as in captured in the middle of it, the zombies are fast and they just rushed out of the tents, and the soldiers just reacted by turning their head and barley lifting their rifles.


Something happen to Super DOF? My only recent run in was when it crashed my game. That what you’re talking about?

Well, my pc is dead so I don’t know personally, but I have heard from many, many people that Super DoF crashes their Gmod, so I’m guessing that’s why Hunter tried to do the DoF Manually.