Some minor suggestions.

So, while a lot of people have made some solid suggestions I think I have a few good ones too, tell me what you think.

  1. Leafs to cover up your sleeping bag + having to option to sleep in your bag.

This would be pretty simple. Way of protecting yourself via camouflage.

  1. Building parts of the guns (except military grade weapons?).

For example

This could help address the mass amount of weapons, but I’m not sure if this may be the best way, tell me what you think.

  1. Poison from plants (when they come) to coat your weapon with.

These things would range from poisons that may slow you or start to disorientate you. Things that would entice players to use bows during assaults.

  1. Makeshift smoke grenades.

To help during assaults/escapes.

Will add more, but tell me what you think so far.

Those all appear to be pretty solid ideas. I have thought the gun parts idea for a while now. I know you’ve seen this a ton but it is just in Alpha. Chances are a lot of this will be added with time, it seems to be on that track :slight_smile:

I don’t think any of these ideas are op or any way game breaking so that it may fit in well without causing any sort of issues with game play.

  1. <good idea>

The other are already said, or inadapted for this game

Well, points 2 & 4 are the only ones i’ve already read elsewhere
Points 1 & 3 are pretty new and sounds good ideas especially the possibility of buffing your weapons

I like them all.

the main point around this is to pull people towards the bow/arrow to attack players.

Think of it like this way: I get shot with a arrow that’s been poisoned. It reduces my speed by 40%(?) for 10 seconds(?), thus preventing me from escaping.

Or for incoming attackers and/or defenders of bases.

Disorienting poison: When struck by it, your screen (Over the course of 5-10 seconds) starts to fade in and out growing darker and lighter and also your controls would be reversed in random directions. (Up would be left, left would be down, etc etc.)

HOWEVER The only way to gain this reverse controls would be to get shot two-three times by dis. poison to prevent this being overpowered.

Think it’s Rust, not Wildstar
But without talking about such mecanisms, i agree with personnalizing weapons

Don’t see how adding poisons to your bow makes it wild star. Or adding some realism in with crafting parts of a weapon/hiding your body while you sleep so you don’t die but k