Some model don't show up ingame.

I’m building a map with SDK setup for the EP2 engine. When I compile my map, some props don’t spawn.
For example, I have furniturebed001a.mdl in a room to act as the frame for a mattress. When I compile the map and load up episode 2, The model does not show up. There is no trace of it at all. Is there any way to fix this?

Quote from another thread, but the principle is the same.

I’d the same problem before, I found something wich says to select your map and then click on tools -> move to world.

It worked for me.

Ah thank you.

What? Why would that fix it?

Yeah, if the model is intended to be a physics prop don’t use a prop_static point entity. If you want a physics prop to act as a static prop, there’s a flag in the prop_physics to disable movement.

That’s not the whole issue. Some props claim to be static, when they can only be used as either a dynamic or physics. Best to use the quoted rule.