Some models for a gamemode

I need a few simple models for a GMod gamemode I’m making. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the gamemode, but if you really must know, I can explain the basics.

These are the models I need for now:
[li]Party hat - Something like this. Needs to fit on a rebel player model’s head, doesn’t need a physics model.[/li][li]Gift box - Example. The general size should be 32x32x32 game units, needs a simple physics model.[/li][li]High-tech boots - I can’t find a good example, so you may need to get a bit creative. Basically, this model is going to be used as a visual element for a “jet boots” pickup. The left and right boots need to be attached to individual bones, so that I can move them around separately through code. It doesn’t need a physics model.[/li][/ul]

The models shouldn’t be too detailed and the textures should be as simple and as small as possible. The party hat and the gift box should have a few different-colored skins.

Big thanks to whoever does my request!