Some more servers to give away.

Some time ago I gave away free Gmod server, now I will do it again only thing you have to do is answer some questions about the servers.
how they work etc. (I do not have access to garry’s mod anymore)

What location. How much how long what circumstances

Aka pm me


Fk that then

So I don’t need one but what are questions?

I’ll do it if you change the server to AUS

I’m not sure that’s how this works…

“i’ll just move my free server to a country with 10x+ the cost for hosting because some random guy with 9 posts asked impolitely!”

I wont move the servers.

That is how the world works these days,isn’t it?

Next time I’ll say Please,I think he will change the server over to AUS then

That’s what the man in the white van said,my ass still hurts

Well, good luck in your future.

Well thank you. :suicide: