some more stargate stuff

since avon and his crewage are doing the main pack (the gates) , nobody wants to do flying vehicles and the sg mod isnt very good could some of these. if there is already an existing good thing that i have mentioned tell me,if you want to add something (major-so not things only seen in one episode, but not specific characters like George Hammond) feel free to tell me. perhaps the community could work together to make all this?
(edit- i dont expect one person to make this, or a team, i was thinking someone would just decide to do a few of these and upload it and people will just upload bits of it)

jaffa (with multiple models, ability to use all the weapons from stargate and a few more)
horus gaurds (bird jaffa)
serpent guard
jackal guard
geni (multiple models)
ori soldier (more than one model but i dont really care)

special npcs

wraith drone (using normal weapons and leaching)
wraith (also using normal weapons and leaching, with a good me-lee ability also )
Anubis drone
cloaker Anubis drone (white version from an episode where teal’c and o’Niel go inside a game)
sodan (hostile, normal weapons plus cloaking)
symbiote (could this instakill you and replace you with a jaffa using your model?)

wraith pistol (puts people to sleep, doesn’t work with larger things)
wraith riffle (large, puts people to sleep longer)
wraith riffle 2 (smaller)
wraith hand (stuns and steals health-secondary give target some of your health)
anubis drone weapon (fires many piercing bolts of energy)
tripple barrel shotgun
pistol (edit-geni pistol)
all the weapons ronon uses on the episode “sateda”
ori rifle
the green weapon

every model needs bumpmaps and needs some care when made! also dont use svn. the humanoid models could be playermodels too. dont use wire either

ha tak orbital strike
hive ship orbital strike
a better asgard teleport (edit-where there is no model- you shoot where you want to tele and alt fire when your ready)
shield wall
a more changeable guald (edit-heavy)staff weapon (accuracy, rate of fire ect)

vehicles and extras (i dont expect these to be made but it would be nice)

f 302 (its in mc kays pack but its unfortunately not one of his better creations)
dart (there is one made by catdeamon, it has a nice model but it needs to be able to shoot and spit out stuff from its telle, it also needs a better texture,sounds and the red bits need to glow when on)
a deathglider
an alkesh
gu uald heavy staff turret controllable by both player and npc (there is a pulse rifle like turret in hl2, something like that but a staff cannon)
controllable malp (human)-(never mind)
controllable malp (destiny)
wraith stun bomb

skybox models-
stargate,f 304, dart,deathglider,wraith cruiser, wraith hive,aurora,f 302, moons


Being honest mate this is an incredibly long list and you are pushing your luck. There are full scale model releases that don’t have half the content asked for here, and they took six months or more to make, and had more motivation. Most of us don’t have six months to make all of this without any personal want.

Time for you to learn some modelling and coding skills.

Either way, you need to clear up some things if you want any help at all, as your post is pretty vague in some key aspects.

SG-Mod isn’t very good? You are aware that the jaffa, serpent, and horus NPCs are in it right? And you can give them the Goa’uld weapons - they are in the drop down list on the NPC panel.

Define “better” for an Asguard teleporter - and if you say “one that doesn’t use wire” I can tell you now that any implementation of the teleporter that is wire free would be worse, unless someone just brings in a simple interface for it (which is part of what wiremod does anyway). There isn’t much that can be improved with the thing that’s all =/

Unsure what you mean by a “more changeable Goa’uld staff weapon”. Only one existed in the show and it didn’t change much. Also, green weapon? What the hell?

What do you mean by Pistol? The SG-1 standard pistol is included in SG-Mod, as is the Goa’uld stungun (the Zat), the Asuran pistol and Ronan’s. What other pistol do you mean?

There is a heavy staff in the stargate tab that can be used to make a turret. I am unsure but I think that come’s in McKay’s pack. You overestimate the abilities of the HL2 AI if you expect them to use a turret. Most if not all NPCs made by players use the same base HL2 AI due to the pain in the ass it would be to code new behaviour. You need to stay realistic.

The MALPs are coming out in #45 of aVoN’s stargate pack, you will have to wait for those - that pack has more than just the gates , including a fully working puddle jumper.

There is a “shield wall” which is actually a small shield door in the latest Spacebuild Enhancement Pack. Yea, good luck getting a direct download of that, its svn only last I checked.

Most of the rest of the stuff is currently being worked on by various members of the older teams but no sign of a release, just have to wait and see.

The skybox doesn’t have any specific models. Any prop that is made static onto the map can be included in the skybox. Hell you can even spawn props into it assuming it is a 3d box - try spawning a stargate in the skybox area of a map and dial it from the normal playing zone, you would be quite surprised.

As for the moons, trust me, a 2d skybox would be better for those.

And finally, stop saying “don’t use SVN”. Any release that covers all of those would flat out demand an SVN release simply because of the constant updating that would need to be done for the few few months of development. Do not gimp other people because you can’t be assed to work out how to use it. The only direct download you are likely to get is one at the start, and one when everything is “final”. So expect to wait months, if you insist on not learning SVN.

Additional: I find it funny that you don’t expect the vehicles to be done… considering everything else…

the models for sg mod are terrible tho

green weapon- i didnt think it had a name sorry

i can map, i know about skyboxes

If you know about skyboxes, you don’t need skybox props that already exist.

I think you overestimate the capabilities of source. the sg-mod models are actually pretty good for player models. Unless you can pull anything better?