Some MW2 look-a-like stuffs.

Task Force 141 Skin Hexing pack. (Skin by me.)

Some High Quality MW2 Weapons Look-A-Like.


Great weapons and players. Very nice.

I still think you should tone-down most of the normals though. They’re too strong.

oh you and your normals.

only thing i dont like is that weapons have too much colors (camo famas looks awkward, ak is tan, green and black- none of them fit with eachother, LR300 should be gray)

Nice, but the AK being two different colors looks strange.

If you want the normal maps to look good, try converting the ones from MW2 into source-compactible ones. To do so, open the height map in photoshop, go into channels, copy the alpha and paste it in the red, then go to the blue channel, make the brightness up to 100 and turn down contrast to about -50. The normals might be a bit too strong even then, so it might also be a good idea to pick the shade of blue/purple that’s used in the areas that don’t have any texture and just fill the whole texture of that plain colour with about 50 opacity (select the whole texture, press shift+F5, set opacity to 50 and select “normal” for the fill type)

Really nice, good job.


Looks great.

Can you get a SCAR with the heartbeat sensor?

with the second body you can change the head to ghosts…
lots of people requesting that

Fucking awesome are they gonna be released

These look pretty darn good in my opinion, can I expect a release date anytime sooner/later? :open_mouth:

more like ACR w/ heartbeat sensor

i never seen SCAR w/ heartbeat sensor before
however someone can make it

I think you have pirate version. Have you ever played multi player before?

Hey man I buy licence ( sorry for bad english =(… ) and my multiplayer dont work … Exe error … AND + i buy it for 75$ in my country … man … And what a hell … tlsaudrl2548 … What SCAR … What you talk about … No scar on images … And Uncle_Earl what LR-300 … there is only ( AK47 , M4A1 , And ACR + player models … Ripped models … ) and I want to say This ports and skining are AWESOME!!!

there is no M4A1… its a friggin LR300

It’s a customized M4A1 Carbine, not an LR300. It’s pretty obvious actually.

no… cant you see? it clearly says LR-300 in the gun in the first pic.

No because I don’t bring my face to the screen


Oh wait now I see it.

That’s because it’s a skin/hack.


The MW2 M4A1 with SIR.


The M4A1 returns in Modern Warfare 2, and has retained most qualities and appearances of the Call of Duty 4 version. The M4 in this game is actually very similar to the Bushmaster Modular M4 Carbine, except that the game version has a shorter barrel, indicating that it is a version built for close combat. The AR-15 carry handle which was present in the first game has been replaced with foldable PRI front and ARMS #40L rear sights and the Knight’s Armament Rail Interface System (RIS) has been replaced with an ARMS Selective Integrated Rail (SIR) System. - Call of Duty Wikia

God it’s a hot Weapon in MW2. I love it. It’s really fast and good weapon.


Freaking nice :open_mouth: and the weapons are just amazing…

A lil’ request ;)- can you make these guys,into some snow camuflage,just like the guys when you play offline co-op in some snowy missions,please :smiley: