Some new Spacebuild stuff

Here’s some screencaps from a new spacebuild map I’m working on:

I like it.

Can you get some not-so-dead trees from Ep2 or CSS? I think i’d look better for there.

Might also think about some sort of 2d cloud image to explain why it’s raining.

It’s kind of a run-down swampy area…the dead trees were placed there deliberately

At least use their second skin which gives them some autumn leaves.

Nah, I like it the way it is

Wait a second, Spacebuild maps don’t look good! You liar!

holy shit that’s nice

especially compared to most spacebuild maps out there

like it, looks good

Looks good, the lava is a bit strange though, and the textures seem a little dull, lots of concrete.

Oh dear lord, this is awesome.
My mapping skills are offended.

Finally something unique, who wants to explore planets that are just a bunch of craters? Looking forward to more.