Some new stuff I made. (Pretty big pics.)

Yes these are carnival rides…

I also have a small boat which kinda fails. But oh well.

Basically these rides are built to perfection. There will only be rare times of fault. The rides will operate well on servers, and don’t raise the ping 10 or more.

They all feature working seats. And some of them have working restraints.

This is the Waltzer. Almost finished and in it’s full glory. The only problem with this is it fps rapes like a motherfucker.

Has a lot of features, such as working platforms, gear powered motor and ball socket easy removable platforms.

This next one is the Superbob, a fast ride which circulates around a track, (No, it is not a rollercoaster, but a flat ride).

The ride can achieve a maximum of 12 rpm while maintaining smoothness.

The next ride is the Orbiter, a Tivoli classic invented by Richard Woolls in 1976. The ride spins to incredible speeds as the ride’s hydraulic systems push the arms outwards to a 90 degree angle. Distorting the riders.

Think of it as a scrambler on drugs.

Next up is a fast, brutal, and rapid ride. The Matterhorn.

Based upon a mountain, the Matterhorn is considered the extreme version of the Superbob, built by Mack, Reverchon, and other manufacturers, machines will differ according to the builder.

Only two pics of that, not quite finished and is very blurry. (I took it when moving, with motion blur on).

After that comes a timeless classic, the Pirate Ship.

The first known predecessor of the ride was invented by Charles Albert Marshall of Tulsa, Oklahoma between 1893 and 1897. This ride was originally called “The Ocean Wave”.
The Ocean Wave was first used in the Marshall Bros Circus in 1897, The circus was run by Charles and his brothers Mike, Will, Ed, friends, and family.

There we are, a timeless classic.

After that comes the Booster. Manufactured by Far Fabbri, these rides have a colossal height of 42meters.

Combine that with 5.0 G of force, and spinning vehicles, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

This ride can hold up to 8 people, and can be spawned on a server where the prop limit exceeds 300 and has 8 vehicles spare.

My next ride comes the Miami, mine is pretty special. Since it will fold and go straight onto a trailer.

The Miami ride was invented by the Kroon family in the early 90’s, since then it has flooded the UK market now offering well over 100 machines travelling the UK. Manufacturers were:

Nottingham UK (The one this is based off)
Keith Emmett and sons.
And many others.

Anyways, enough storytelling. Let’s get down to the pics.

*This is the position the ride spawns in, note how everything is blocked off, and only the counterweights are standing.

*After that, it’s racked. The back will fold, and steps and frontal stairway will also fold out.

*Now all 3 stair sets are folded out, now its onto the main part which is folding out the backwall.

*And here it is, the ride is fully ready to operate.

Now for some random shit:

This noob who I photographed on a server, let’s all point and laugh.

This is what happens when you leave the room, to grab a drink from downstairs, come back up and WHAM.

  • Mondial Top Scan:

Please note all these rides use NO form of thruster. They are all powered by very strong gears and extremely powerful motors.

Oh hell yeah, looking nice, love the pirate ship.

any possibility of vids?

I would but they take ages to upload and steal my HD space… there’s a SMALL vid of my pirate ship. Here:

These are all fucking awesome.

What I would love if someone could make some actual artwork textures instead of me just using combine screens and citadel explosion textures >.>.

Man those are awesome! Great job!

Those colors. Great, man. Super fun to ride and all!

Some of the colors could be irked a bit, but nonetheless, a fantastic job.

Yeah but carnival rides have lots of colours >.> :).

I like them, they look nice. Looks like fun to ride in. You should try your hand at making textures, its pretty easy, and then you could get them the way you want them. I like this though, its really nice.

He’s a mapper, He knows how to make textures. I know he used custom textures in one of his maps.

using custom textures doesn’t mean he can make them. Making mapping textures is not the same as gmod textures.

You’re right, I got someone to make those custom ones for me, I can’t actually make them myself :/.

Those are really good, artistic for you

Although they look like they use tons of props.

of course they are good, he’s the god of gmod rides :smiley:

If you donate the spawnable rides to WALT GARRY WORLD im sure they would appreciate them.

Keep on going with the good stuff Luke.

needs a vertical freefall tower

I already have one, I didn’t post it.

For the good Mr Luke.