Some Newbie Questions!

Alright, so I’ve been reading tutorials and looking around the forums, however I’m still not getting/finding enough of what I need.

First off, one problem I am having is setting models. I keep getting that ugly grey creature/man thing. I’m using usr:SetModel(“models/player/male_03.mdl”) so it’s problem something simple wrong with my filename.

Now as for some other issues I’m having is adding custom weapons and such. I’m not entirely sure on how to structure the folder, whether they need to be specific for certain lua’s to run, or if there’s something I’m doing wrong. I want to create a basic weapon and be able to add “Give” it to my player. I’m not asking for a large script, just a basic one to get me started and where I would put said script so I can understand more.

Anyways, this is mostly what I need for now, hopefully understanding how to make SWEPs will help me figure other stuff out.