Some nice, easy Balloon/Dirigibles & Propellers

I’m looking for someone to make me the following models, with collision models, UV mapping, and compile them for me. I’d really appreciate it…

It’s my understanding that I can change the model texture by editing the generated VTF texture later, correct me if I’m wrong there.

The models’ dimensions are in Hammer units as this is what I’m familiar with, conversion tables are here:

Map Grid    Imperial    Metric

     1  =   0.75"   =   0.01905 
     2  =   1.5"    =   0.04
     4  =   3"      =   0.08
     8  =   6"      =   0.15 
    16  =   1'      =   0.3 
    32  =   2'      =   0.6
    64  =   4'      =   1.2 
   128  =   8'      =   2.4
  (160  =  10'      =   3.0)
   256  =  16'      =   4.9
   512  =  32'      =   9.8

and here’s a rough sketch of what I want…

The propellers I think are a little more complex, I need them to resemble this:

and maybe if you’re feeling really generous, another type like this:


So in all, I’m looking for a total of 3 balloon models, and between 3 and 6 propeller models… The sizes are in the sketch.

I don’t know about the baloons, but for the propeller those are awesome and plenty, you can just resize them with the prop resizer tool at


Nice drawing btw :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the link, but I’m actually looking for propellers which look more like they’re for water navigation…

I’ll have a look because you’re a ridiculously good mapper.

Sweet, thanks…

That resizer is a Stool, we are looking for an out-of-game editor that can be ported to Hammer and such.

…Any takers? This will really help me with development…

I’m still looking for some help with this if anyone’s interested?

These are really simple. I’ll make them shortly.

But you want 3 balloons, yet you only drew 2?

Wow, thanks, I apprecaite the help,
in the image you’ll see there are two sizes of the circular balloon, would you like some reference for textures?

Edit, I could also work on the textures for you, to help out.

Yes, go ahead and post some texture reference.

Well the balloon would be made of canvas, perhaps something like this:

And it would be put together with seams, to make it seem big. Also, if you wanted to be a little creative, you could add patches sewn on as if repairing damage.

The propeller are a little easier I think, just an old, dirty looking metal propeller. Worn, and perhaps even a little rusty from years of use in the open skies.

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb],1216223268,1/stock-photo-propeller-of-the-abandoned-rusty-ship-14971231.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

The first picture isn’t working.

there’s a bunch of nice ones here for a bit of reference:


and here’s another, they’re just for an idea really, you have a lot of freedom with textures really.

I’m still looking for these models, is anybody interested in helping me out?