Some of My Custom Textures

Im just making this thread to dump some custom textures Ive made for use in garrysmod.

I didn’t really know whether to put this in the Art section or the mapping section.

Styrofoam ceiling: just an attempt for something “realistic”

also made one with lights.

Some dev textures: I made some glass ones, but all it is is just the original dev textures with a 40% opacity.




Feel free to request textures or post your own.


That grass is too bright.

Ive already tested it out in game, it darkens up.

Grass too bright.
Bricks … emm… - Perfect shape :stuck_out_tongue: You should add some texture to them. Not just a color.
And I think you should demonstrate them in game not just as image.

Just noticed.

Why the fuck grass has a lines?

Its dev.

For realistic textures always use real photos as the base. Only very rarely do textures made from scratch look realistic.

They’re DEV textures you dumbass

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I like the styrofoam ceiling stuff. Will go great in school maps!


Also, make some nice clean tiles!

Yeah, Im going to do some work on those. I was away for the weekend at my aunts cabin, could do anything D: