Some of my Dinosaur poses

I wanted to share some of my Dinosaur poses. I would like some feedback so I can improve. Please excuse the watermarks for I upload these on DeviantArt and usually people like to steal art.

As a bonus, here is a tribute to Back to the Future the Ride to celebrate the new Delorean model:

Criticism is more then welcome as long as it is constructive.

The 1st and 5th ones are great! The 4th one’s good too.

2-3 are meh, especially 2.

The geometry of the ground ruins it.

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Using 1 as a background now.

1 and 5 are great, 3 is pretty good. 2 and 4 not so much, 2’s lacking in anything really eye-catching and 4 just doesn’t get my attention as well as the others.