Some of my ideas for Rust

Hey guys, I was thinking recently of adding more (good) content to the game so here are my ideas.

Chainsaws are a rare item found in crates, airdrops, and an extremely low chance of finding one in a barrel.
They run on Low Grade Fuel/Crude Oil and collect 50 Wood/Second and use 50 Low Grade Fuel/Minute. They can be fueled with up to 300 low grade fuel for 6 continuous minutes of use, and that equals to 18,000 wood in 6 minutes. Also it is the only way to collect Wooden Logs.

Wooden Logs
Can only be collected from large trees and can only be collected with a Chainsaw. They are a raw resourced, and when placed in a Sawmill to be transformed into regular wood.
1 Wooden Log = 15 Wood

Used to chop Wooden Logs into regular Wood. They use 50 Low Grade Fuel/15 Logs.

Weapon Scope
Found in airdrops, barrels, and crates. It is made of 300 Wood, 100 Cloth, and 30 High Quality Metal (It would be nice if glass was added to the game to make the recipe more realistic).
The Weapon Scope is a makeshift scope that can be attached on rifles (primarily the Bolt Action Rifle and the Assault Rifle), it has a simple cross reticle and doubles the gun’s default zoom level.

Weapon Grip
Found in airdrops, barrels, and crates. It is made of 35 High Quality Metal and 150 Cloth. Can be attached on the Bolt Action Rifle, Assault Rifle, and the Pump Shotgun. Reduces vertical and horizontal weapon recoil.

Weapon Flashlight
Found in airdrops, barrels and crates. It is made of 50 Cloth, 50 Animal Fat, and 100 Metal Fragments. Requires Low Grade Fuel to be turned on, and they would use the same amount as the Miner’s Hat (currently no information available about the Low Grade Fuel/Minute or Second). Can be used on all weapons excluding the Eoka Pistol, Waterpipe Shotgun, and the Revolver.

Side Note: All resource calculations above are inaccurate and may need to be tweaked/nerfed.

Thanks if you read my suggestions, and feel free to post your own below.

Chainsaw/Sawmill is a awesome idea.

kinda like it actually. add in a leather patchwork mask, and I’m all for it.

kinda changes the game you know? like, why the extra step? chainsaw would be just fine as a turbo-axe, since down-side, constant fuel, and loud as all get out, coupled with being useless when out of fuel, making it a terrible melee weapon in long conflicts

Weapon Scope:
anything with lenses just feels wrong. but i suppose it’ll give more use to bolt-actions

Weapon grip:
Well, the devs already feel the AK kills too much, so they upped the recoil to tone it down. a handle makes it harder for them to tweak weapon strength. just one more variable to consider.

well, then you have to make a hand-held one as well. or have a weird gun-mounted lantern… which could be cool.