Some of my maps

Hey guys, I just want to hear some of your opinions on 2 of my maps. Neither of them were completed but I’m deciding which one is nicer and worth finishing.

Pvk 2 map:

Older Zelda mod:

Be sure to comment and rate plz :dance:

You really need to improve your lighting, if I hadn’t seen the shadow on the PVK map I would’ve thought it was fullbright.

That was the look I was going for, if you take a good look you can see that there are lights coming in through the window. It’s not full bright and the lighting you see, is exactly what I was going for. You can also notice that the weapon view models are lighted, and have shadows. Which shows it isn’t fullbright.

Thanks for the comment though.

You’d probably be better off posting this in the mapping section, more people there could properly comment on the maps.

He wasn’t saying that it was fullbright, merely that your lighting is far too subtle and needs to have a bigger impact.

When have you ever seen a light from one window illuminating a whole room?