Some of my old, but awesome contraptions

Here’s some stuff I made awhile ago that I decided I’d fix up and release. All you need for these to function is PHX3 and Wiremod SVN. Enjoy.

Skee Ball:

Gravity-Ball 3D:

Slot Machine:

iPod v2:

Are you drunk or something

Is that a serious question?


Gravity ball is made of awesome fun.

this kind of stuff seems like it belongs on


It’s mostly wire stuff, but it’s very impressive.

I’m biased though.

Well it’s some nice wire stuff, but nothing majorly impressive, really.


I’ve always loved these contraptions, Drunk. Even if these losers at FP don’t love you, there’s open arms over at

Heh, I wish I could figure out GPU to that level. I can do most basic things, but I dont understand 3d projections or moving things

Here’s two of my GPU tutorials over on

2D, basic tutorial:
3D projections:

Hey, thanks. I’ve been wanting to learn GPU.

Oh, thanks drunkie!

The dupe for Gravity Ball was broken and not functioning properly. Fixed it and uploaded a working version.

Uploaded a newer version of the iPod.


hahaha these are good

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hahaha these are old