Some of my resource and weapon/armor progression suggestions for Rust

So let me begin by saying that aside from some game breaking issues like lag and some hit detection issues, I am really enjoying this game so far. It reminds me of dark rp and gmod and is a MUCH more approachable addition to the genre than I have expected.

However, there are a few issues that stand out to me like squirmy blisters. I understand it’s alpha and yadda yadda I’m not the only one that may have these ideas or these problems so here goes nothing.

I feel like Stone resources should be a bit more plentiful, and the higher tier guns should be much harder to make (MP5, P250,M4,shotgun,9mm) and should need to use a higher tier metal than just Low Quality. If the conversion for metal fragments into LQ metal is 15:1, then maybe the conversion to Medium quality should be 10 LQ for 1 Med Quality and 5 Medium Quality for every 1 HQ metal.

The way I would arrange the weapons into these tiers would be like so:

Metal Fragments: [Pipe Shotgun and Hand Cannon] Low Quality: [Flintlock pistol, Pipe Musket] Medium Quality: [9mm, p250, some sort of medium powered semi-auto] High Quality: [M4, mp5,shotgun,bolt action]

I feel like this sort of progression would see more use out of the Bow and the first two firearms among low tier players who would see them as a more tenable goal than just bypassing them for the 9mm or p250 like what normally happens.

Because right now with how those two weapons are currently designed, and with the way footstep sound works in the game when sneaking you will almost always get either outgunned or spotted by the time you can use them. The Hand Cannon, while perhaps being the most damaging gun in the game (I haven’t tried the Bolt Action yet) as a PAINFULLY slow firing time wherein it makes a ton of sound and requires you to keep on target until it fires. It just isn’t practical.

So perhaps relegating the more primitive, risky weapons to the earliest tier that requires you to get as close as possible to the target would be better suited where it is now. My problem with these guns is that there needs to be a better transition from these makeshift weapons to magazine fed semi and fully automatic weapons. The tier above them should use some sort of primitive hammer, so that it easier to fire, maybe gain a little more range, and keep some of the insane damage the other makeshifts have (maybe 120 on the flintlock pistol, and 130 on the musket, but should overall be moving away from raw damage output and more towards the versatile, easy to use spectrum of weapons.

The general idea is to provide early tier players with a weapon set that is moderately easy to obtain, and can still be considered relevant and viable if they get caught in a gunfight with higher tier opponents. This, combined with increased stone spawns I feel would alleviate some of the stress in making your initial dive for resources and getting set up, while making control of those resources more and more difficult as you go through the gun tiers. As the spawns are right now, stone is so scarce that you get players killing each other with rocks and hatchets just to be able to make a furnace or arrows to make that slight hop to become even a slight threat to people with pistols and such.

My second major gripe with the game is sneaking sounds. This I imagine is a pretty easy fix, but footsteps are SUPER loud and easy to identify. If someone is sneaking, maybe reducing the sound volume or the sound carry distance by half or 2/3rds. Maybe provide some sort of bonus to people not wearing any shoes or lighter clothing or not carrying too much in their inventory so that they make less sound. Because as I mentioned at length with the hand cannon; if someone can hear you from 100ft away while sneaking, you are 80 ft out of range and 2-3 seconds away from being able to fire your gun.

I also wonder how easy it would be to muffle footsteps even further if your opponent is inside an enclosed building or something. It probably wouldn’t be very easy.

I feel like this reduction in sound would make ambushes or raiding a base even more tense and would mean the difference between telling your friends to be quiet because you thought you heard something, rather than simply ‘there is a guy outside at our 5’O clock’

And my last suggestion; a form of which is probably being talked about so my idea may not be too popular. Eventually I imagine the devs putting at least rudimentary tattered clothing on people and giving them some way of finding your friends.
My suggestion for a friend finder is some sort of rudimentary GPS or phone that requires a charge. Maybe there would be better ways of charging or powering this device later on. But initially you would just need to make replacement batteries out of animal fat, metal fragments and wood or animal hide (or paper if that ever becomes craft able).

With this device you could either find your friends via contacts, or it would open up a small map and dot indicator showing you where you are. You can only initially use one function of the phone/gps thingy at a time and they can each hold 10 contacts. Naturally you would only be able to add people who gave you a special code or some other identifying information to avoid just being able to track down anyone willy-nilly. But perhaps you would be able to take the phone of someone you killed or “found dead” and copy a few of their contacts onto your phone and continue tracking them down.

On paper I think it sounds cool, with you being able to set traps and stuff by dropping your phone or planting it on a dead guy. But I can see this getting a little annoying with people being able to track you much more easily. (Maybe the contact list would work both ways and if a tracker has possession of one of your friend’s codes he would show up on the gps?) who knows.

I’m interested in knowing what you guys think.