Some of my screenshots in the screenshots folders.

I was browsing my garrysmod folder and found these screenshots. Just kidding, some screenshots made by me.Not edited with Photoshop, i used post processing menu!




Now, some SMod screenshots:
The keep-upright turret!
You can’t put this turret down.

The combine Assassin?



Are these serious screens or randoms?

I like the gman part.

This is screenshots in movies, its not just the facepunch ragdoll posing critique section.

The screenshot of Gman standing in the middle of the dark room is amazing,who knew Gman could do that.

It was so easy, i put a gman npc in the green screen room of gm_construct, coloured it in black, putted a gman npc, and bloom and colour mod.

it’s just an npc…nothing special

With some rough anti-aliasing.

they’re different

|: yup

It was sarcasm -_-

Ehh… Why are there Smod screenshots? :raise: